Kernersville Raiders Weather Policy

Our players, health and safety will always be our primary concern in the decision to cancel practice or a game.  Practices and games can be cancelled for a couple of weather related reasons. Severe weather is the most obvious reason. In addition, fields that experienced prolonged wet / rainy conditions, may result in game or practice cancellation simply because the fields are too wet and require time to adequately recover. 

Excluding the factors listed above, practices and games can and will be conducted in rainy conditions. The development of lightning will suspend and may cancel these activities. Those decisions are made by the Officials, EMT’s, or Board Members on site. 

Practice and game (if cancelled or postponed) statuses will be updated at 4:00 pm weekdays and 7:00 am on Saturdays at   Be aware that if an earlier game in any days schedule is canceled, clearing conditions may allow the play of later scheduled games.